Clear Insight provides a variety of events throughout the year.  Workshops, Round Table discussions, Webinars and Private Consultations can be registered on this website. Upcoming events are added frequently.  Bringing like-minded employers together provides a unique opportunity to vet best in class ideas and concepts.  We believe this approach will provide more insight to employers. 


Webinars are an effective way to introduce or refresh employers on a large variety of concepts available in the employee benefit marketplace.  These quick, easily accessible meetings focus on a single topic, tool or concept. Depending upon the topic, these meetings are not expected to be longer than 30 minutes with time for questions afterwards.


The workshops are designed to expand on key plan management tools used by Clear Insight for employee benefit programs.  They focus on plan design, prescriptions drug management, employee tools, communication strategies and funding alternatives. Many employers use these concepts to control costs.  Clear Insight has ability to develop, manage, report and implement the custom solutions demonstrated in these workshops.

Round Table Discussions

The Round Table events follow the workshops to provide interested firms the opportunity to receive custom solution packages from Clear Insight.  These meetings will bring a limited number of firms together for a more detailed review of the solutions designed by Clear Insight and their best in class vendors.  Only participants of a previous workshop that have released access to their specific claims data can attend.

Private Consultations

Participants of Workshops or Round Table meetings can request a private consultation.  Access to company claims data is required to provide specific strategy recommendations.  Since the solutions are particular to each employer, the Round Table discussions can’t take the place of a private review.  The implementation of each employer solution is unique.  The objectives of each employer are different.  Creating the specific strategy for each employer is done at the Private Consultation level.    

See our full list of events, dates and times here.