Round Table for VIA Member Firms

Round Table events follow workshops to provide interested firms the opportunity to receive additional information on the Health Plan Captive.  Participants of a previous workshop that have released access to their specific claims data can receive more specific solutions and proposals relating to thier programs.


The VIA has always been about collaborating on new and innovative ideas.  A VIA Health Plan Captive is no different.  This round-table meeting is designed to bring together interested parties to discuss key features of a Health Plan Captive.  The opportunity of a VIA HEALTH PLAN CAPTIVE will be discussed in further detail.  This powerful tool is effective for firms with at least 50 employees.


Registration for this event can be initiated on this site but will be confirmed by VIA.


Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Location: Dunham Woods Riding Club Wayne, Illinois (near St Charles, IL)


Time: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Lunch served at Noon




Audience: C Level Executives with financial responsibility for the employee benefit plan costs for their company.

Goal: Discuss the benefits of a VIA Health Plan Captive and gadge interest in such an opportunity to the VIA membership.

Guest Speakers: Jim Lorenz, Prinicpal --Clear Insight Benefits Consulting


RoundTable VIA Sept. 27, 2017

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