Clear Insight is an employee benefit consulting and management firm.  Our services include all of the typical brokerage services.  We focus our approach on Plan Design, Custom Client Reporting, Employee Communication Strategies, and strong Vendor Relationships.

Plan Design

Plan design is a key function to effective plan management. Rather than the traditional approach of offering standard plan designs to clients, Clear Insight creates plan designs based upon the specific demographics and utilization of each client.  These custom solutions are extremely effective in providing improved employee benefits at lower overall costs.

Custom Client Reporting

The traditional reporting packages provided from vendors are overwhelming and ineffective.  More data doesn’t represent better data.  Clear Insight reporting is custom to the needs of the client. The reporting is tied to the solutions being implemented. 

The reports have intrinsic value to each user of the report.  The package includes specific reports that are used by people with different roles.  The information needed by the CFO is vastly different than of the HR Director.    Understanding the data is imperative to effective plan management.

Employee Communications

The best laid plans fail when they are not communicated successfully.  This may be the hardest part of plan management.  The employee is the end user of the benefit plans.  Plans are complicated.  Employee choice and customization requires strong communication.  Clear Insight provides custom enrollment and plan materials.  A multifaceted approach to reach employees and their dependents will improve their understanding of the benefits being offered and empower them to make appropriate decisions.  This involvement engages them in their benefits to everyone's benefit.

Vendor Relations

The vendor providing the services needs to be appropriate.  Starting with best in class, Clear Insight has relationships with the key vendors in the industry.  For over 25 years, Clear Insight has the experience to assist clients with the selection and support of the vendor relationships needed for effective plan management.

It doesn't work if the vendor can't implement.