In case of a new outbreak of protests, if you speak Spanish, Chilean news agency T13 has rolling coverage and updates on their website, as does BioBio Chile on their Twitter account. Protests were taking place in the city ahead of the Chilean national plebiscite on October 25, which will determine whether the country will move away from its current Pinochet-era constitution. Protesters demonstrate in Santiago, Chile, as clashes with riot police continue for a fourth straight day. The protests in Chile began in October of last year and stopped in the harshest months of the pandemic. Sparked by a meager hike in subway fares, protests … Thousands of people took to the streets to "demand the freedom of the young people who remain in custody for their participation in the protests that followed October 18, 2019," protestor Ana Bohemia tweeted. A tense week in Chile after violent protests broke out. The number of people killed in violent protests against rising living costs in Chile has risen to 11, Santiago Governor Karla Rubilar said on Monday. Protests In Chile Chilean protesters were back on the streets Friday to vent their anger over the country's paltry pensions, fragile safety net and police brutality against demonstrators. How did the protests start? The inciting incident, like many mass protests, was a seemingly minor event: a meager fare hike for public transit. Chile to Mark the First Anniversary of its Social Outbreak. Breaking news headlines about Chile Protests, linking to 1,000s of sources around the world, on NewsNow: the one-stop shop for breaking news Violent Protests Continue In Chile As Government Imposes New Curfew Protester Rosa Hueraleo, 56, denies there's a "war" and stresses that most Chileans do not support violence. News Chile: Protesters burn university, loot church. Tens of thousands have taken to the streets in Santiago in a fresh day of anti-government protests. ... Today’s Headlines. A person is injured during the protest on October 20, 2019 in Santiago, Chile. After the plebiscite of last October 25, in … The latest breaking news, ... Chile protesters suffer ‘severe eye trauma’ from rubber bullets. A state of emergency has been declared across parts of Chile in response to huge anti-government protests that initially began in opposition to a 4% rise in subway fares. Voices. Karla Rubilar said Monday that 11 people had died as a result of protest-linked violence over the weekend . Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered Sunday in a central Santiago square to mark the anniversary of a protest movement that broke out last year demanding greater equality in Chile. Rallies mark the one-year anniversary of deadly mass protests last October A riot police truck fires water to demonstrators during the ongoing protests against policies of Sebastian Piñera and longstanding inequality on Nov. 15, 2019 in Santiago, Chile. Over the last several weeks, Chile’s image as the political and economic darling of Latin America has been shattered. Chileans will be voting Oct. 25 on whether they want a new constitution and whether it should be … Demonstrators display flags and banners during a protest against President Sebastian Piñera on Oct. 21, 2019 in Santiago, Chile, as protests continue into eighth day. archived recording 3 According to the government, nearly 20 people have been killed in the clashes, and Chile’s human rights — But people still feel that the fundamental causes of the country’s political unrest, mainly economic disparities, remain unresolved. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera replaced his Cabinet Monday following days of violent protests that have paralyzed the country, seen the military return … The protesters’ main demand is the change of the constitution. Chile Protest: Chile ordered an overnight curfew for the third day in a row as violent protests and looting that left 11 people dead over the weekend raged on into the working week. SANTIAGO, Chile – Protests and violence in Chile spilled over into a new day and raged into Sunday night despite the president cancelling a subway fare … After mass protests, the Chilean government promised reforms. Chile protest turns violent as churches set on fire and police fire tear gas. As in Chile, protesters in Ecuador and Argentina succeeded in forcing leaders to make concessions, which analysts say will likely encourage more protests. Broken glass and bricks littered streets in Santiago after more violent protests Monday, prompting Chile's government to extend a curfew in the capital for a third straight day. Santiago Gov. A man wearing a chef's hat runs for cover as anti-government protesters clash with police in Valparaiso, Chile, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019. Chile’s tumultuous protests about social inequality, which started a year ago, have left around 30 dead and led to a referendum set for October 25 to change the dictatorship-era constitution. President Sebastian Pinera made more economic concessions Thursday announcing a freeze on a 9.2% rise in electricity prices until the end of next year, to try to curb a week of deadly protests over price increases and other grievances. The harsh austerity measures often involved in their plans have been, as in today’s Chile, the object of fierce street protests in many countries. Borzou Daragahi Global civil unrest is finally stripping the political elite of power. The Santiago Municipality’s Twitter account also has information about the status of tourist attractions in the capital, as do Disfruta Santiago .