A) Retail Pricing Intelligence & Optimization Start exploring retail analytics dashboards today! office@retail-intelligence.ch. However, to achieve these benefits, you previously need to extract the right insights from your data, which is not a piece of cake considering the numerous platforms you use to interact with customers, supply chain, or manufacturers. Excel based Business Intelligence Software enables you to share, view, explore, and refresh workbooks in a browser window, similar to how it works in Excel.Many of the BI capabilities are available in Excel such as refreshing external data viewing, sorting, and exploring data in reports in a browser window and viewing workbooks that contain a Data Model. When comparing Squirrel POS and DataWeave Retail Intelligence, you can actually see which Sales Software product is the better choice. Retailers have been tapping into data for years now, gaining what is called consumer or shopper insights to improve their performance. The economics of retail are becoming more complex by the day; changing consumer demands, unstable and perpetually fluctuating markets and constrictive profit margins are quickly imposing new restrictions and constraints on the market. Retail Intelligence Solutions. These processes include retail merchandise management, marketing, customer relations and operations. Want to talk to us about how datapine can help your business? Find the right Business Intelligence Software for Retail Industry for your business. Tyco Retail Solutions has acquired FootFall, a provider of technology, services, and analytics solutions to retailers and retail property owners. How artificial intelligence is powering retail customer experience. Get the most comprehensive competitor pricing data on the market, pulled directly from your competitors website as well as from comparison shopping engines. Indeed, by gathering the tremendous amount of data collected on a daily basis through all kinds of software – CRMs, ERPs, Google Analytics, and so many more – you have the possibility to work on them all at the same time, conjointly, and easily perform cross-database analyses that would otherwise require time, knowledge, and ultimately money. At the heart of a smart business decision is a clear understanding of where your business stands today and what lies ahead. Retail business intelligence software trends are arising at a fast rate, and they’re enabling sellers from across the world to continually meet customer needs and industry standards in one easy package. Focused marketing and customer interaction is key to keeping a loyal customer and generating new business as well. Explore Business Analytics Software that helps the world's leading retail organizations crunch big data, understand consumers and optimize profit margins. Intelligent Retail offer class leading EPoS Software Systems and eCommerce websites for independent retailers which allow sales across multiple channels. Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Software . It helps you to streamline the process for sale, purchase, stock transfer, financial accounting, … 25. Drive the expansion, management and optimisation of your store network in a few simple steps. For these valuable customers, the business provides an incentive to bring the shoppers back to the brand. Years ago, Silvon and JDA Software teamed up to make “Retail IDEAS” a reality for JDA customers in need of business intelligence. Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne: Retail Intelligence AGAlpenstraße 15, 6300 ZugSchweiz. Mit Expertise sowie über 20 Jahren Beratungserfahrung…, T: +41 44 542 90 40 Die Retail Intelligence AG ist ein Strategieberatungsunternehmen mit einem ausschließlichen Fokus auf den Handel. Managing retail, consumer, merchandising and demographic data in real-time guarantees higher levels of productivity thanks to a more equitably shared workload, but also less missed sales opportunities. Retail analytics software is a tool used to provide detailed analytical data on key performance indicators used to track transactions, units per customer, volume of sales, return rates and many others while empowering actionable and effective business insights. This guarantees that your business will be able to choose most productive and effective program.