Pharma Direct Marketing


Tuesday, Feb 4th at 10 am 

By directly offering your employees lower co-payments for their Brand Name Prescriptions, Pharmaceutical Manufactures are changing the effectiveness of your plan formulary.  Most of the time the co-payments they offer are lower than your generics.  This will shift the buying habits of your employees.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies should pay for the offers they make to your participants—not the other way around.

Direct marketing to your participants by the Pharmaceutical Companies will cost your health plan significantly more until you manage it properly.

Most Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) are not able to manage these situations to the best advantage of the employer.

Spend 30 minutes to understand this situation and how to best handle it within your plan.

Don’t let them market to your plan to the tune of thousands of dollars per prescription per year.

Simple concept with a complex solution.

But there is a solution!

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WEB Feb 4, 2019

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