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Price Transparency Webinar

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 11 am 

Price and Quality are the two key measures for selection of any service.  Most medical plans avoid the price discussion by not providing it until 30 days or more after the services have been rendered.

Not a good way to manage costs.  We want to discuss another option.

A Price Transparency approach to many planned services.   Cost should matter.

Let's talk about it.

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Thursday, October  24th, 2019 at 11 am 

Data—not reporting.  This webinar will focus on the importance of understanding your specific health plan data.  Learn how to look at the data differently. 

Scouring Healthcare Claims Data for Plan Savings Opportunities.

This is a webinar dedicated to turning data into money.  The focus of much of the current health plan reporting is diagnostic driven.  The typical goal is to explain the funds spent on your population--rationalize the costs.

Our approach is to search for savings opportunities within your current demographics, claims and spending habits.  We have been successful in reducing costs by 20% without reducing or restricting benefits.

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Thursday, October 17th at 11 am

The best line of healthcare defense is a strong offence...your employees!

This short webinar will describe the power your employees have on your health plan. 

Understanding the best way to help your bottom line is to help your employees make better service selections. 

Employers strive to offer the best benefits for their employees, yet the healthcare system is working against us.  Without direction and education, they are lost. 

A lost employee shopping in the most expensive healthcare system in the world with the company credit card is not a good combination. 

Let us demonstrate a better path.

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Tuesday, October 1st at 11 am 

By directly offering your employees lower co-payments for their Brand Name Prescriptions, Pharmaceutical Manufactures are changing the effectiveness of your plan formulary.  Most of the time the co-payments they offer are lower than your generics.  This will shift the buying habits of your employees.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies should pay for the offers they make to your participants—not the other way around.

Direct marketing to your participants by the Pharmaceutical Companies will cost your health plan significantly more until you manage it properly.

Most Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) are not able to manage these situations to the best advantage of the employer.

Spend 30 minutes to understand this situation and how to best handle it within your plan.

Don’t let them market to your plan to the tune of thousands of dollars per prescription per year.

Simple concept with a complex solution.

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Tuesday, October 15th at 11 am

Clear Insight has unique proven plan designs that will reduce employee benefit costs without simply shifting them to employees.

A higher deductible is not a plan design.

There is a better way. It involves empowering your employees without crushing them. This webinar will demonstrate the underlying concepts behind these unique plan designs. It is a logical approach to plan design using the claims data and utilization patterns of participants.

Working out a solution based upon the actual data.

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 11 am 

As employers search for better ways to finance their employee benefits, Health Plan Captives provide a much needed vehicle. ACA has created some significant roadblocks for many employers struggling with increased costs and regulations. Jumping into a partially self-funded health plan can seem overwhelming.

Health Plan Captives

Think outside of the box.  Many employers feel they don’t have enough employees to enjoy the benefits of being partially self-insured.  Health Plan Captives are a collaboration of many employers to create a stronger risk pool.  Captives are not health plans…they simply provide the reinsurance for employers.